The Project

What is Reaching Jaywick?

REACHING JAYWICK is a community project currently running in Jaywick, near Clacton on Sea Essex. Starting in April 2010, the project is funded for 3 ½ years by the Big Lottery Reaching Communities Program. Recently Jaywick was stated as  being the most deprived community in the country (according to the Indices of Multiple Deprivation 2010). CoastNet is tackling some of the challenges that Jaywick faces, by building on the resort’s strengths;  it’s beautiful seaside location, fine sandy beaches and strong community.

What do we do and how?

The Reaching Jaywick team works alongside the community by: How? A few examples of our current work
Supporting existing groups, activities and local events
  • Member of Jaywick Summer Fayre organising committee and organiser of Jaylympics 2010 & 2011
  • Tea Dances organised with Neighbourhood Team
  • Jaywick Martello Tower working group member
  • Regular attendance at Jaywick Forum means open lines of communication about the project to the community
Improving open spaces including Jaywick beach
  • BeachWatch – supporting the Jaywick Beach Clean Team as part of the Marine Conservation Society scheme.
  • Working with Kingston University Landscape Interface Studio & the community to deliver small scale physical improvement projects.
Providing creative opportunities to gain skills and learning
  • Arts Awards – Through the Creative Net we are offering these accredited awards to 11-25 yr olds
  • Piloting the Junior Arts Award at Frobisher Primary School CNet afterschool club
  • AQA Awards through the ‘Discovering Communities – Exploring Jaywick’ project at Clacton Coastal Academy
  • Encouraging membership of the National Voice for Coastal Communities (NVCC) – support for isolated communities
Developing a community-led improvement plan
  • CoastNet is part of the IMCORE project and is using its methodology to look at adaptation to climate change
  • Visualisation Exercises – looking at future possibilities for Jaywick

What benefits will the project bring?

  • Help Jaywick to link up with coastal communities across the country
  • Improved local surroundings and environment
  • Putting Jaywick on the map with an annual program of events
  • Sustainable community activities

How is CoastNet different?

CoastNet is a not-for-profit network that works to improve the quality of life in coastal communities by providing training and raising awareness. We also bring together thousands of coastal and marine professionals, institutions and community members who care about the diverse aspects of coastal living and management in order to achieve positive social and environmental change.

Reaching Jaywick → Reaching Out

Through CoastNet’s other areas of work we hope to build capacity within the Jaywick community by inviting local groups to join the following networks CoastNet is involved in, which will raise Jaywick’s profile and social challenges on a national scale;

APPG: Coastal and Marine Issues

CoastNet are secretariat for the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for Coastal and Marine Issues which is attended by interested MPs and representatives from coastal communities – members meet up to four times a year in Parliament to discuss policies, consultations and concerns. Through this role CoastNet are able to invite MPs and representatives from agencies including DEFRA, Environment Agency and Natural England to facilitate debate between policy makers and local coastal community groups.

NVCC: National Voice for Coastal Communities

Since 2009 CoastNet have supported through a secretariat role, the National Voice for Coastal Communities (NVCC); a network of coastal actions groups from across the UK which have formed a platform for voicing shared concerns about the management of the UK’s coastline. For further details on the NVCC visit

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